Tackling persecution

A police officer investigates a sett attacked by badger diggers

We have attempted to combat cruelty to badgers by taking the following action:

Monitoring badger setts

Checking badger setts increase our chances of detecting evidence of badger cruelty. Under our Sett Adoption Scheme (SAS), Sett Wardens monitor their adopted setts on a regular basis.

Investigating reports of persecution

Any cases of suspected badger cruelty which we find or which are reported to us are investigated, usually in conjunction with police Wildlife Crime Officers, or a local RSPCA Inspector. When suspects can be identified, we provide expert witness statements so that prosecution files can be compiled.

Recording cases of badger cruelty

Most cases of badger cruelty come to our attention some time after the event, and the chances of identifying supects are slim. However, by recording every case we can build up a picture of where badger persecution is taking place in our area. We can then identify areas where monitoring of setts is necessary.