Help tackle persecution

A sett which has been dug into by people

There are several ways in which you can help us to combat cruelty to badgers:

Watch out for evidence of badger persecution

Look out for signs of digging with spades at badger setts (see photo), for snares set near badger setts or on badger pathways (do not damage or remove them), for dead badgers which may have been snared, shot or poisoned (do not handle any such corpses), and for blocked up setts (do not attempt to unblock them). If you come across any evidence of persecution that has already taken place, contact Brockwatch as soon as possible – tell us exactly what you have seen and exactly where you saw it.

Also watch for men with spades and dogs at badger setts. If you come across this or any other suspicious activity going on at a sett, do not approach the suspects. Call the police or the RSPCA as soon as possible. Guidance on what to do if you find people who may be digging for badgers can be found on the Badger Pages website.

Become a Sett Warden

Sett Wardens ‘adopt’ one or more local setts, and visit them regularly to watch for evidence of badger cruelty. By patrolling their adopted setts, Sett Wardens deter people from persecuting the resident badgers, and increase our chances of detecting any cases of cruelty that do take place. Please note that to be covered by our insurance while acting as a Sett Warden, you must be a full member of Brockwatch.