Road casualties

A badger killed by road traffic

Badger road casualties are caused by Road Traffic Accidents or RTAs, and so we usually refer to badgers killed on our roads as RTA victims or RTAs for short.

By collating reports of RTAs over the years, and taking into account the fact that not all RTAs are reported to us, we estimate that some 200 – 300 badgers are killed by road traffic in our area every year.

Roads on which road casualties frequently occur include:

The A361 – particularly between Badby and Charwelton.

The A45 – particularly between Braunston and Daventry, between Daventry and Weedon, and on the dual carriageway between junction 16 of the M1 and Northampton.

The A5 – particularly between the turns to Church Stowe and Litchborough.

Of course, road casualties also occur on many other roads across our area. One road which is remarkably free from road casualties is the M1 – it would appear that there are very few badger setts alongside this busy stretch of motorway in Northants.

For more information about the problem of badger road casualties, see this page on the Badger Pages.