Raising awareness

Brockwatch stand at the Northampton Green Festival

Over the years we have informed and educated people about badgers and their needs in the following ways:

Leaflets and newsletters

Information leaflets about badgers are distributed at events, talks and so on. Our members receive copies of our newsletter, the Brockwatch Bulletin.


We have a set of informative display panels which we have exhibited at events such as the Northampton Green Festival, in libraries, and at our collections.

Media coverage

We have issued press releases and given interviews to the local media on badger conservation issue deserving wider publicity. This has resulted in articles in local papers, and features on local radio.


We give illustrated talks about badgers to a variety of local clubs, societies and groups, from scouts and St John’s Ambulance Badgers, to Womens Institutes and Rotary Clubs.

Advice on badger problems

In situations where badgers cause problems, for example digging holes in lawns, we provide advice and information.

Our website

Through our website, we can inform and educate people throughout our area and around the world about badgers, what we do, and how people can help.

Badger watching evenings

Badger watching evenings are a great way to introduce people to badgers. For many years we organised watches at a sett near Daventry, and helped many hundreds of people to see badgers for the first time. Unfortunately the badgers abandoned this sett a few years ago and currently we are without a ‘watching sett’ to take people to.