About us

Who we are

Map of the area covered by Brockwatch. The North Northants Badger Group covers the area to the East of the A5119, the Borough of Northampton and the A428.

Brockwatch is a small, voluntary organisation which works to protect badgers in the south-western half of Northamptonshire, including the Borough of Northampton. The group began life in 1984 as the Northants Badger Group (NBG). In the 1990s, a branch of the NBG covering the northern half of the county became an independent group in its own right, the North Northants Badger Group. The NBG therefore re-launched as the Northampton and South-West Northants Badger Group, or Brockwatch for short. Why Brockwatch? Well, the old English name for the badger is ‘Brock’, and we are keeping a watch over the brocks in our area. Besides, Brockwatch is much easier to say than our geographically accurate but long-winded full name!

What we aim to do

The aims of Brockwatch, as set out in our constitution, are to enhance the welfare and conservation of badgers, through actions that will:

• deter people from persecuting badgers

• encourage tolerance of badgers in situations where they cause problems, and the use of control measures which cause least harm to badgers when problems cannot be tolerated

• ensure that, wherever necessary and possible, modifications to safeguard the needs of badgers are incorporated into housing developments, new roads, and other land developments

• ensure that where other human activities are found to have adverse effects on badgers, steps are taken to minimise the impact of those activities wherever possible

• ensure that when badgers are found to be trapped, sick, injured or orphaned, their lives are saved and/or their suffering relieved; and that if and when appropriate they are returned to the wild as soon as possible

• further our understanding of the distribution, behaviour and requirements of badgers

• foster greater support for the protection of all animals, wildlife, and the environment, including badgers and the habitats they depend on.

Our constitution also states that Brockwatch will educate, advise, work with or otherwise assist any other group or individual where this will further the Group’s objectives.