What we do

Rescuing injured and sick badgers

Our Rescue Officers respond to reports of injured, sick, trapped and orphaned badgers at all times of the day and night. Injured and sick animals are taken to the vet, while orphaned cubs are taken to the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital for specialist care.

Reducing road casualties

We rescue badgers injured on roads and make sure they are attended to by a vet. We also record all RTA victims to find out where and when casualties occur. ‘Badgers crossing’ road signs have been put up in some places thanks to Brockwatch.

Dealing with developments

We provide information on badgers to planners, developers and their agents, comment on planning applications, and sometimes work with developers to reduce the impact of their projects on badgers.

Tackling persecution

To counter badger persecution, Brockwatch monitors badger setts, investigates reports of suspicious activity, and works with the police. We keep records of all incidents to establish where problems are occurring.