Help reduce road casualties

You can help us to reduce road casualties by following the RTA Code:

R = Report all road casualties (dead or alive)

If you see an injured badger on the road (or anywhere else come to that), please contact Brockwatch or the RSPCA as soon as possible. Please say exactly where the animal is, and if possible please stay with the casualty until help arrives. Do not attempt to handle injured badgers, as they may bite.

For more information on what to do if you find an injured badger on the road, visit this page on the Badger Pages website.

Please report any dead badgers you see on the roads as soon as you can. Please describe exactly where the animal is located (use your mileometer to measure the distance between the badger and the next road junction, farm, village etc).

For more information on reporting road casualties, visit this page on the Badger Pages website.

T = Take care when driving at night

Slow down when travelling on roads through the countryside at night, and give yourself more time to react should a badger – or anything else – suddenly appear on the road in front of you. Be particularly careful where you see “Badgers crossing” road signs.

A = Avoid unnecessary car journeys

Possibly the best way to reduce the number of badgers (and other wildlife and people) killed on our roads is by reducing the amount of road traffic. Please do your bit by cutting down on avoidable car journeys. If you need to make the journey, can you walk, cycle, use the bus or train, or car share?