Threats to badgers

Injury and sickness

Badgers can be injured in road accidents, in fights with each other and by snares. They can become sick through starvation, dehydration or old age. Others need our help when they become trapped, or orphaned.

Road casualties

We estimate that some 200-300 badgers are killed by ‘road traffic accidents’ (RTAs) every year in the Brockwatch area. There are many places where these RTAs happen regularly, including stretches of the A5, A45 and A361.

Building developments

Building developments and other projects including new roads, quarries, landfills and underground services can lead to the destruction of badger setts and feeding areas.


In recent years badgers in our area have been subjected to badger digging, shooting, snaring and poisoning. Badger setts have also been blocked and damaged. All these forms of persecution are illegal.