How you can help

Helping injured and sick badgers

If you find an injured, sick, trapped or orphaned badger please contact Brockwatch or the RSPCA as soon as possible. You can also help by making a donation, which will help finance the rescue, treatment and care of badgers by Brockwatch.

Reducing road casualties

Please report any dead or injured badgers you see on the road. Take care when driving at night (especially on country roads), and avoid unnecessary car journeys.

Dealing with developments

Please tell us about any developments or other projects which might affect badger setts or feeding grounds. You can also help by telling us about any badger setts you know of, in case they become threatened by developments in the future.

Reporting setts and sightings

Please tell us about and badger setts you know of. Please also let us know about any live or dead badgers which you see, and any other signs such as latrines, tracks etc.

Spreading the word

There are several ways in which you can help to ‘spread the word’ about badgers: become a member and learn more about badgers, pass on copies of our leaflet, arrange for us to give a talk to your club or society.

Raising funds

There are several ways in which you can help us financially: joining Brockwatch as a member, making a donation, becoming part of our Events Team, and even organising your own fundraising event.

Supporting campaigns

You can help the fight against badger culling and snares by finding out more about the issues, and writing letters to Ministers, MPs and local papers.