Building developments

Developments come in various forms, and all of them can affect badgers:

New roads and road improvments

We all know that a great many badgers die on our roads. Building more roads simply adds to the number of miles of highway on which casualties can occur – many badgers have been killed on the new West Haddon bypass for example. Worse still, more roads generate more traffic across the whole network of highways and byways – and the quarrying of materials needed for road building, such as aggregates and sand, can also result in the loss of badger setts and feeding grounds. More new roads are planned to service developments around Northampton and Daventry – will they cause more badger deaths?

Housing and industrial developments

A sett being destroyed under licence on a development site

As our villages and towns continue to expand, so more and more of the countryside is built over. This process has led to the loss of many badger setts (see photo) and foraging areas, particularly within the Borough of Northampton. A number of colonies of badgers have become extinct as a result. With plans for more building development around Northampton, Daventry and Towcester, more badgers are under threat.

Underground services

More building developments generate a need for more gas and water pipelines. Advances in modern technology meanwhile have led to demands for networks of fibre-optic cables to be put in place. All of these utilities need to be buried in the ground – and digging trenches in the ground brings with it the risk of damaging or destroying badger setts.


Badgers like to dig their setts into glacial sand deposits, and Northampton sandstone. Unfortunately, sand deposits are also required by people as a raw material, and sandstone is also quarried for use in construction. The excavation of quarries has led to the eviction of a number of families of badgers in our area.